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Masterpieces Paris 3D

Paris by night 3D is a major work on the complete and artistic realization of Paris : drawn, colored, cut out then mounted on a cardboard with a multitude of monuments painted and printed in 3 dimensions to dive oneself into a unique vision of the city.

The shades of blue and the set of rhinestones give it a masterful visual appearance that reacts to light to make you discover the city as you have never seen it. A true view of the sky sublimated by the artist in a harmonious complexity and a rich composition, appreciable from near and far.
Johann was able to rewrite the city « his own city », as he did in his first drawings and postcards during his childhood. This dazzling piece of more than a year of work is a culmination of his technique which claims to be in an absolute concern for detail by mixing complex artistic choices on the various effects, textures, choice of colors to make you share his passion for art and the city.

Paris 3D is a work that will mark its time. As Turgot was able to achieve on the eponymous plan or relief maps of Louvois, Johann was able to achieve a coherent mix of genres between architecture, mixed technique, and bewitching artistic plan for an exceptional result. This unique work will be presented in front of the main monuments of the capital all summer.

Capture d’écran 2020-03-28 à 19.56.35.

> Drone capture at the top of the Montparnasse Tower

Interview at the top of the Montparnasse Tower

Wild exhibition

On the occasion of the creation of his 3 dimensions last painting of Paris, the artist Johann Perathoner wished to make discover his masterful work to all Parisians, tourists and onlookers during a wild exhibition in the best districts of the capital.

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