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Johann Perathoner discovered the world from the heart of the Buttes-Chaumont area in Paris. He very soon realized that he had a passion for drawing and for the cities of the World. Hence, in 2000, at the age of 14, he designed his first collection of postcards for the publisher “Cartes d’Art”, supported and counselled by its editor, Bertrand Lehmann. In the desire to drive his talent a little further, he decided to do what fascinates him the most, i.e., 3D art, aiming at representing the striking aspects of cities by proposing colorful, three-dimensional works - with stunning results.

Stimulated by the energy that cities procure for him, he prepared his drawing paper and began energetically to draw cities: crowded boulevards; animated town squares; illuminated billboards; sunny terraces; the architecture of the buildings and the thousands of interactions… With the objective of truly immersing his audience he orchestrates with talent, a wise choice of color and surgical precision, works of exceptional visual quality, as much from an overall view as from a detailed view. Johann seeks for the most spectacular angle possible for exploring the city.

His pictures inevitably remind us of the works of Pop Art artists such as Charles Fazzino or James Rizzi but with a more realistic and detailed approach.

His creative technique consists of drawing the outline in pencil on basic drawing paper, enabling him to determine the best choice of perspective. This is then highlighted in black water color felt pen. Without having anticipated any of the elements, Johann then works on detail after detail, so that one can study the picture and discover the astounding features that compose the city’s richness. Then, following a laboratory scan in black white, comes the color: a day and a night version for each picture. “Each city has a different emotion at day or at night; I am too fond of the different ambiances to propose only one aspect”, he explains. The next stage is cutting out the different levels to create the 3-dimensional effect, not forgetting the many visual effects (glitter, rhinestone, texture…) in order to produce an impressive “real-life” appearance. Each picture represents approximately 1000 hours of work.

The collection “Window on the City”, creates a strong desire to have a “city enhanced by an artist” on one’s wall. It offers everyone the possibility of contemplating a picture as one would take pleasure in admiring a splendid view.

Johann artwork

"With the collection - Fenêtre sur la ville - it is the deep desire to have at home a" piece of town" hanging on the wall of your living room. It is to offer everyone the possibility of contemplating a drawing like we would enjoy admiring a splendid view "

Edition Cartes d'Art 

Bertrand Lehmann was the first editor to take an interest in Johann's work. A friend of his parents had the idea of introducing him to a postcard editor Bertrand Lehmann when he saw Johann’s paintings. The latter immediately interested in his paintings offered him to make specific drawings on the city of Paris. He wanted colorful, naive and joyful works. Johann was just 14 years old and signed his first contract !

Paris jour.jpg
Paris 3D.jpg
Le Monde est couleur.jpg
Paris nuit.jpg
Paris Monde.jpg
Johann Lehmann 2.png

Beirut - Les Plumes Gallery

Les Plumes gallery was the first art gallery to trust Johann Perathoner.
The gallery owner Elsie Braidi organized an opening with 3 artists in her prestigious gallery in the Tabaris district of Beirut 

Elsie braidi asked Johann to participate in the Singapore Artfair

Capture d’écran 2018-02-12 à 17.57.30.
Johann Singap.png

Bartoux Galleries

Johann met Robert Bartoux in 2015. Thanks to him he exhibited  in Paris, Honfleur, Courchevel, London, Singapore, Megeve

Capture d’écran 2015-06-17 à 20.01.17.
Capture d’écran 2020-03-20 à 17.44.49.

Primax Gallery

M tosaka has 8 art galleries in Tokyo and Osaka. He became interested in Johann's work in 2016 and now exhibits him in all his galleries

Capture d’écran 2020-03-25 à 23.03.03.
Capture d’écran 2020-03-25 à 23.02.54.

Bel Air Fine Art

François Chabanian, from Bel-Air Fine Art galleries, now allows him to exhibit in his prestigious galleries in Switzerland (Gstaad, Crans Montana, Geneve, Verbier) and Venice

London 100x60 with Sabrina.png

Montparnasse Tower

Paris 3D is a work that will mark its time. As Turgot was able to achieve on the eponymous plan or relief maps of Louvois, Johann was able to achieve a coherent mix of genres between architecture, mixed technique, and bewitching artistic plan for an exceptional result.

Johann + Paris 3D.jpg
Paris 3D.jpg

Empire State Building

After his « wild » exhibition of an artistic model of Paris in 3 Dimensions in front of all the emblematic places of the capital, Johann has this time thought big ! He will exhibit in the most prestigious lobby in the world : the Empire State Building.For this new exhibition, the young artist created a huge Manhattan in 3dimensions.More than 10,000 hours of work were necessary to design this dazzling artistic work that immerses us in the city of NYC. A work that was firstly drawn then mounted on feather cardboard, hundreds of buildingsprinted in 3 dimensions then painted and adorned with Swarovski crystals as well as inserts of dozens of advertisements and micro

impressions of the Street Artists who dress up the walls of New York. This is a unique artwork, at the crossroads of art and architecture. It’s a masterpiece that you can admire for hours in search of tons of details that really make us feel the city vibrations and its energy.

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