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Lady Gaga masterpiece


“Logout” is a crucial and committed work on the « virtual addiction » that social networks represent. Where one’s image can be remodelled and controlled to satisfy our perpetual need for recognition, and to fill our loneliness, by just one click. A pixelated parallel universe that traps us in a lie where image is worth more than anything to obtain love at all costs.

LADY GAGA thus achieved the sacred grail of this media recognition by being star singer of the Super Bowl, a major worldwide event. The height of success! What more can one hope for when one dreams of becoming a star? She asks herself: "What is left to achieve after the Super Bowl? What more can one desire? "

The work "Logout" is built on this question of lost desire and sends out an appeal from this virtual prison for a return to fundamentals. « LADY GAGA » is yelling out to express her rage by breaking the wall because she wants to escape the prison she is in. She can no longer breathe and she desperately needs an emergency exit. If life is perpetual renewal, will LADY GAGA have to leave all she has achieved, deconstruct everything to build anew ?

Lady Gaga in the Empire State Building

Lady Gaga Empire State Building.jpg
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