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Masterpieces New York 3D

Johann Perathoner was selected to exhibit in March 2020 in the most famous skyscraper : the Empire State Building.


For this new exhibition, the young artist created a huge Manhattan in 3 dimensions.

More than 10,000 hours of work were necessary to design this dazzling artistic work that immerses us in the city of NYC. A work that was firstly drawn then mounted on feather cardboard, hundreds of buildings printed in 3 dimensions then painted and adorned with Swarovski crystals as well as inserts of dozens of advertisements and micro impressions of the Street Artists who dress up the walls of New York. This is a unique artwork, at the crossroads of art and architecture. It’s a masterpiece that you can admire for hours in search of tons of details that really make us feel the city vibrations and its energy. 8 other works on New York city will also be exhibited  including an exceptional piece on Lady Gaga born in the Big Apple.


« My dreams come true ! When I think back to my first postcards made at 14 years old and then to my entry into the prestigious Bartoux galleries, it’s an amazing story ! I now carried out my "artistic project" so dear to my heart, around my passion for cities.

My goal is also to exhibit an outstanding piece in each city emblematic place. After the Montparnasse Tower where there is I think the most beautiful view of Paris (because we can see the Eiffel Tower;)), then the Empire State Building, the next projects will be the realization of London with its prestigious Shard Tower, then Dubai and its famous Burj Khalifa.

My ambition now is to show at the same time gigantic artworks in emblematic monuments for visitors and in the galleries around the world ». 

"All the street artists in New York have been carefully added to each building :

Keith Haring, JR, Jonone ..."

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